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L’Artista Italian Kitchen & Bar

Executive Chef/Partner German Rizzo’s culinary career began early as it was inspired by his love and respect for the quality and tradition of his Southern Italian roots. After graduating from the Culinary Art School U. Ubertini in Turin, Chef Rizzo sought opportunities to further develop his creativity in other parts of Italy, Denmark, Sweden and Canada. With his newly developed knowledge, refined culinary techniques, Chef Rizzo came to New York. Here he worked for the renowned Cipriani group, but soon after opened his own restaurant in Astoria Queens, Vite Vinosteria. With his varied knowledge in cuisine and a passion for food, he later opened Plado Tasting Bar in 2019 in the East Village. Owner/ Partner Daniel Schnyder is a Swiss American composer saxophonist and flutist, Schnyder was born 1961 in Zurich, Switzerland. He is a resident of New York City, living in Harlem. Daniel Schnyder performs as a soloist, jazz musician and classical chamber musician at major festivals and concert series worldwide. His music bridges the worlds of classical music, jazz and ethnic music in innovative ways. Some of Daniel's award winning, handwritten scores are on display at L’Artista. For more info; www.danielschnyder.com

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