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What is the ETD Pass?

The ETD Pass is a program to offer Passholders, designed for regional residents (Regionals), a savings opportunity at New York’s attractions, museums, restaurants, cultural centers, retailers and more.  The objective is to steer Passholders to your business in exchange for a standard discount for service.  The ETD Pass functions as a combination media promotion vehicle and a private event platform for reaching the Regionals population (Greater NYC and Tri-State area).  

Why should I be a Partner on the ETD Pass?

The ETD Pass is a marketing engine introducing Passholders to your business at the time when the members are looking for a regional activity, a restaurant or a retailer.  However, it is more than just a medium, because it stimulates reservations and traffic.  You control the offers, pricing, reservations and complete the transactions through your online or on location processing. 

How does the ETD Pass work?  

The ETD Pass is both web and app based. A Passholder discovers your business on the ETD Pass website or app and makes an online reservation directly on your ecommerce page.  A Passholder can also come direct to your location to use the pass in person simply by showing it to a member of your team.  

What are the benefits to you of the ETD Pass?

The benefits of being an ETD Pass Partner include substantial marketing reach to Passholders, regionals in the Greater NYC area, increased income, placement in a competitive marketplace, total control over pricing, minimal operational impact and an affiliation with Davler Media Group.  

What Marketing benefits will you get?  

  • Partner profile on ETDPass.com
  • Seamless reservations though Partner’s website or at the location
  • Program announcements on ETDPass.com events page
  • Special promotions distributed through ETD Pass newsletter
  • Multi-platform announcements on ETD Pass
  • Targeted social and email capabilities 
  • And much more

What is the discount I have to offer?

The ETD Pass is designed to be simple: Partners offer a standard discount to all Passholders.  

Attractions, Cultural Institutions, tours, museums, etc.: 25%

Restaurants and Retail: 10%

You can extend additional Passholder benefits such as front of the line access, discounts at the gift shops, etc.  

What are ETD Partner Fees? 

During the charter period, there are no partner fees. Once the network is established quarterly fees might be established for the participation in the pass program.

What is my commitment?

You may terminate your participating in the ETD Pass platform at any time after giving 90 days written notice via an email to [email protected].  

Why will the ETD Pass appeal to Regionals?

The ETD Pass is a low-priced consumer program to encourage Regionals to take advantage of local venues, cultural institutions, retailers, restaurants and more. It is multi-faceted—a discount program, announcement service and special events sponsor. Millennials, families and empty nesters will be able to save money while discovering and pursuing local experiences. They will be able to quickly recoup their membership with just one or two activities.

What is the cost to the Passholder?

The annual ETD Pass is $25 per individual and $75 for a family of 4.  

Is this different than typical tourist passes?  

In one word, VERY.  You control all aspects of the sales process and receive payment immediately simply by honoring the ETD Pass discount.  

What are the blackout dates?  

The Program will not be available on Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter Sunday, Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, Father’s Day, July 4th, Thanksgiving Week (Thurs.-Sun.), Christmas Week (December 24 through January 1).  

How do I process the ETD Pass discount?

For Partners who require advance online booking and payment for entry or tickets, a landing page or a promotion code will apply the standard discount for Passholders at the time of payment.  For walk in transactions a Passholder will show her/his ETD Pass and receive her/his discount at the point of service.  

When do I get paid?

You receive payment directly and immediately through your POS system without intervention from ETD Pass.  

What marketing material do I have to provide?  

Onboarding to the pass is simple and straightforward.  A new Partner will fill out a form on the ETD Pass website with basic onboarding information.  You will have total control over the listing and can provide images, videos, links to its website and social media pages, and other information.  

How do I take reservations and payment?  

Partners take reservations and payment directly through an ETD Pass specific landing page or a passcode.  For walk-ins, you will take payment normally but with the ETD Pass discount applied.   

What are the operational considerations of being an ETD Pass Partner?

ETD Pass is focused on limiting the operational impact of the program.  It will require very little staff training and a one-time integration with a POS system (if tickets are purchased in advance).  Online updates of content are available and easy to do.  Partners will receive monthly reporting of Pass engagement and free membership for employees.  

Do I have to give up control over pricing or the experience?

No.  You have complete control over pricing but commit to giving the standard discount to all Passholders.  

How am I helping First Responders by being an ETD Pass Partner?

ETD Pass is committed to giving away passes (for 1 year) to first responders in the area.  By being a Partner, you are supporting this initiative.  

Who manages ETD Pass?

Davler Media GROUP (davlermedia.com), New York’s leading tourism and parenting media company, with expertise in websites, email, social media, event management and marketing services, provides marketing services for 2,000 local businesses annually. DMG publishes City Guide Magazine, NYMetroParents’ seven local parenting magazines, Staten Island Parent, ThoughtGallery.org, Mommybites and Mitzvah Market, and owns corresponding websites, social media pages, and email marketing platforms and manages over 100 events annually. ETD

Pass will be promoted through all of DMG’s platforms which reach millions of local residents. DMG’s editorial team will provide content support, technologists will maintain platforms and operations team manage all logistics.